How to get to Sarti


The nearest large city to Sarti is the city of Thessaloniki. You can fly into Thessaloniki from Athens, or, from any one of several large European cities, such as London, Munich, Zurich, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Amsterdam, or Stuttgart. 

Sarti is located on the middle peninsula of Halkidiki, about a two hour drive from the Thessaloniki airport. You may rent a car at the airport and drive to Sarti, or hire a taxi, or take the bus. If you prefer, we can make the transportation arrangements for you. Small car rentals cost about 220 euro for a week, allowing you to explore the many nearby sites. One- way transfer by taxi costs about 90 Euros for a group of up to four people. You may rent a car in Sarti as well. Transportation by bus is a three and a half hour bus ride.


If you wish to rent a car or transfer by taxi, we recommend Chalkidiki-Cars at this link:

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The map below on the left shows all of Greece.  The map on the right is an enlargement of the area of Thessaloniki and Halkidiki.  Sarti is located on the east coast of the middle peninsula of Halkidiki.
















Directions from Thessaloniki to Sartivista:

When you leave the airport, continue straight, through one traffic light, following the signs to Halkidiki. This road feeds onto the road to Halkidiki.  When you reach Nea Moudania, follow the signs to Sithonia.  Continue on this road, following the signs to Nikiti, and then to Sarti.

When you reach the village of Sarti , continue on the main road, past the 4 entrances to the village.  Shortly after, you will see an small super market "Eleni" on your right side.  About 60 meters past the gas station, on the right, is a dirt road, with a sign for SartiVista.  Turn onto this dirt road, follow it over the small river, then turn right and follow the road along the river.  Go straight down this road and at its end turn left, passing a metal, industrial looking building on the left and a  white stucco wall on the right, and follow the road to the dead-end sign.  Just past the dead-end sign, take the right fork in the road.  This road ends at the gate to SartiVista.


The GPS coordinates to Sartivista are:  40.080366 N  23.971643 E

House Phone: 2375-094-651

Cell Phone: 694-768-8402







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